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The pace of today’s trans­for­ma­tion process­es is rapid. Changes in com­pa­nies and oth­er organ­i­sa­tions are tak­ing place syn­chro­nous­ly at all lev­els and in almost all func­tion­al areas. For employ­ees, this caus­es a per­ceived com­pres­sion of time, which increas­es pres­sure and leads to fatigue and exhaustion.

Resilience is there­fore seen today as the key to cop­ing with an increas­ing­ly volatile mar­ket envi­ron­ment. Devel­op­ing and strength­en­ing cri­sis resis­tance and resilience starts with the employ­ees, goes through per­son­al respon­si­bil­i­ty to the lead­er­ship and organ­i­sa­tion­al culture.

Resilience is the key qual­i­fi­ca­tion to be pre­pared for future challenges.


A jour­ney through resilience.

Inten­sive. Heal­ing. Supportive.

  • You sharp­en the term resilience” and get to know the sev­en pil­lars of resilience.
  • In prac­ti­cal exer­cis­es, you reflect on your skills relat­ed to real­ism and assumption.
  • You expe­ri­ence the pow­er of mean­ing and inter­per­son­al, rela­tion­al skills in times of crises and change.
  • You explore self-effi­ca­cy as the basis for your own abil­i­ty to act.
  • You exam­ine how con­fi­dence and opti­mism guide you towards your future path.