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Young Wisdom

Every com­pa­ny goes through change and growth process­es to remain com­pet­i­tive. New employ­ees, and the breath of fresh air they bring with them, play a guid­ing, dri­ving role. They not only have a dif­fer­ent, new out­look on things. They also bring some­thing that is often under­es­ti­mat­ed: Young Wis­dom. Com­pa­nies can use this inspir­ing and cre­ative pow­er as a gift, to dri­ve organ­ic growth.

Expe­ri­enced col­leagues have a lot of knowl­edge and a lot of rou­tine. New team mem­bers bring in valu­able sug­ges­tions and new ideas. 

Both can learn and ben­e­fit from each oth­er in the process of exchang­ing ideas and work­ing together. 

We work with and guide com­pa­nies through the onboard­ing of new employ­ees. We cre­ate a frame­work for the devel­op­ment of indi­vid­ual poten­tial and strength­en new employ­ees in their role as ini­tia­tors and providers of new impuls­es in teams. Togeth­er we pro­mote the inte­gra­tion of new and expe­ri­enced col­leagues with all their spe­cial talents.

Moderated 3-hour exchange of experiences as online format

Mag­ic Monday.

Open. Fas­ci­nat­ing. Effective.

  • You exchange ideas with the oth­er par­tic­i­pants about what espe­cial­ly moves you dur­ing onboarding.
  • What tips are there for deal­ing with obstacles?
  • You will also learn how to com­mu­ni­cate impuls­es in a recip­i­ent-ori­ent­ed manner.

4-hour workshop offers on selected practical topics - also as online format

After Work Lounge.

Live­ly. Strength­en­ing. Practical.

My recipe for success

  • What resources and tal­ents do you bring to the new organization?
  • Empath­ic feedback
  • As a new employ­ee, how can you for­mu­late feed­back in a smart, clear and respect­ful manner?
  • The art of asking
  • Which ques­tions can new col­leagues use to get essen­tial infor­ma­tion for onboarding?
  • My role in the team
  • How do new­com­ers” find their place in the group, in exchange and inter­ac­tion with estab­lished team mem­bers? How can they become effective?

In line with this theme:

Our most sought-after offers

Management Training

Management Training

Lead­ing oth­ers starts with self-reflec­tion and self-guid­ance. What are my resources? What are the impres­sions and beliefs that shape my lead­er­ship and coop­er­a­tive behavior?

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Team building

Team building

Our tai­lor-made coach­ing cat­alyzes exist­ing team pow­er into new ener­gy. Because we take obsta­cles just as seri­ous­ly as your wish­es and needs — and give both of them space.

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Young Wisdom

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