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You can’t stop waves, but you can learn how to surf.” (John Kabatt Zinn) 

The term mind­ful­ness, Acht­samkeit” in Ger­man, pops up fre­quent­ly in the media late­ly. If you enter mind­ful­ness in Google, you get around 126 mil­lion hits. But where does this trend come from? 

The pan­dem­ic in par­tic­u­lar shows how ambigu­ous and extreme­ly stress­ful the times we live in are. There is no super­food, no mag­ic mantra, no ulti­mate recipe for the many chal­lenges we face. But mind­ful­ness as a life atti­tude and prac­tice can min­i­mize stress and exhaus­tion; it can enrich and strength­en peo­ple and envi­ron­ments in a heal­ing, peace­ful and effec­tive way.

2-Day Seminar

Liv­ing mind­ful­ness in a healthy way.

Empa­thet­ic. Unbi­ased. Observing.

  • You explore the roots and prin­ci­ples of mindfulness.
  • You prac­tice being in the here and now, by acti­vat­ing your senses.
  • You dis­cov­er indi­vid­ual mind­ful­ness exer­cis­es for every­day life — such as the atti­tude of gratitude.
  • You take obsta­cles that come in the way of prac­tic­ing mind­ful­ness seriously.

In line with this theme:

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GefühlsKultur® (Culture of Emotion)

GefühlsKultur® (Culture of Emotion)

Con­scious access to, and han­dling of feel­ings is a cen­tral, often unused resource in day-to-day man­age­ment. We help you to use emo­tions as a source of strength in your organization.

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Men­tal resilience is not a mir­a­cle gene. It is an atti­tude that acti­vates resources and strength­ens your self-effi­ca­cy. Resilience helps to turn crises into power.

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